Devils Lake Flood Mitigation

Devils Lake, ND

In June 2010, Devils Lake rose to a record elevation of 1,452.05 feet amsl and it continues to rise. At 1,458 feet amsl it reaches spill level, which it has reached only twice in the past 4,000 years. At its record elevation in June 2010, Devils Lake covered about 182,240 acres. An increase of 138,010 acres or 215 square miles from 1993. The water body has grown more than six times in volume. 

Surrounding communities and cities are threatened and plans are continually being made to deal with the flood impacts of Devils Lake. ProSource assisted the City of Devils Lake with appraisals, title, land acquisition, and relocations necessary to build an embankment to protect the Devils Lake community. The ProSource team worked closely with the City, community and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) throughout the project.