Enbridge Energy, Southern Lights, LSr and Alberta Clipper Pipelines

New pipeline covering 325 miles and 2,500 parcels in 13 counties. ProSource provided the following services:

  • Title research
  • Legal document preparation
  • Review of legal description/landowner property sketches
  • Survey permission
  • Easement and work space acquisitions
  • More than 40 railroad crossing and longitudinal permits
  • Landowner file preparation
  • Database creation and maintenance
  • Comparable sales analysis/appraisals
  • City and county permits/road and trail crossings
  • Line spread survey
  • Landowner/crop damage settlements
  • Tribal land appraisals and acquisitions
  • Pre-demolition surveys (asbestos, lead and regulated waste)
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Environmental inspection of construction through organic farms