Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee, Disaster Recovery

New York Rising Housing Recovery Program – New York State

Beginning in 2013, ProSource worked with the State of New York to implement the CDBG-DR to over 19,000 applicants as part of the NY Rising Housing Recovery Program. ProSource often issued more money to applicants on a daily basis under the programs we administered than other similar non-ProSource administered programs in total. We exceeded the HUD auditors’ expectations, and our production and delivery rates topped the other consultant’s delivery capability. ProSource trained each staff member to remember, that the Recovery Program manifests the principle that homes are the foundation of every community. ProSource swiftly responded to this disaster relief effort by establishing program offices across the state and supplied more than 350-trained personnel. Among other valuable services, ProSource worked with the NYS Housing Trust Fund Corporation’s (HTFC’s) Office of Community Renewal (OCR) to:

  • Establish program policies and procedures
  • Publicize the program and communicate the benefits available
  • Explain the eligibility criteria to owners through individual intake meetings
  • Determine eligibility
  • Calculate DOB and awards
  • Participate in public meetings in storm-damaged communities
  • Prepare the application and supporting documents
  • Evaluate and remedy environmental and health risks
  • Coordinate the repair and rebuild process
  • Establish a call center
  • Prevent fraud, waste and abuse
  • Disburse payments
  • Compliance and conformity auditing

New York Rising Buyout and Acquisition Program

ProSource supported 1,600 assignments from the State of NY for acquisition/buyout in the NY Rising Buyout and Acquisition Program through offices in Staten Island, Farmingdale and Riverhead to assist New York City, Staten Island and Long Island communities in their storm recovery efforts following the devastating damage of Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Sandy. Our rapid deployment of qualified staff enabled us to provide timely administration and planning, application processing, contract management, award verification, acquisition, relocation, environmental, auditing, reporting, data management and demolition services. The local integrated support of our team was instrumental in assisting eligible applicants with rebuilding their place of residence and communities.

Staten Island and Long Island, New York, CDBG/HMGP Disaster Recovery Environmental Services

ProSource provided environmental services to help individuals, families and their communities recover and rebuild after the devastating impacts of Tropical Storm Lee, Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy. Our professionals assessed environmental characteristics; identified sensitive water resources, such as aquifers or coastal protection areas; reviewed wetland and tideland maps; and analyzed biologically unique or regulated natural resources. Property evaluations uncover environmental-related issues (e.g., fuel storage tanks, historical spills and regulatory actions), and follow the guidelines of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Standard E1527 and EPA’s “All Appropriate Inquiries” Rule. Environmental services for this project included compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and HUD’s implementing regulations entitled Environmental Review Procedures for Entities Assuming HUD Environmental Responsibilities (24 CFR 58). Additionally, ProSource and its project partners provided the NEPA-related and State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) support necessary to develop and maintain the required Environmental Review Record (ERR).