ProSource provides staffing, budgeting, project strategizing, route evaluation, material development for landowners, agencies and media, status tracking, title work, and permitting services.

We participate in landowner/public meetings and hearings sponsored by project owners, and state and federal agencies.

ProSource offers a full spectrum of acquisition services including:

  • Route/site feasibility and property value studies
  • Title work (to establish ownership)
  • Lease/easement negations and procurement
  • Preparation, presentation and execution of final easements
  • Recording of all documentation (addenda, memoranda and exhibits) with the appropriate agencies
  • Identifying utilities, roadways (existing and proposed), and any other encumbrances
  • Coordination and management of field survey support
  • Linear, corridor and site specific construction support
  • Payroll and land administration
  • Temporary in-house land administration
  • Project management
  • Environmental remediation
  • Fee property acquisition negotiations
  • Environmental permitting