BIZAA Partnership Update:

Thanks to ProSource Land Services

 In February of this year, one of our sponsored children, Esther, was accidently struck by a car while walking to school. She suffered a broken arm and leg and was in serious condition. While she eventually recovered, this incident drew into sharp focus the risks our children are exposed to on their way to and from school, at times walking long distances on busy roads. In last year’s annual report, we highlighted the strong impact employees and leadership at ProSource Land Services have had on child sponsorship.

Upon hearing of the accident, ProSource Vice President Jason Alt stepped up, spearheading a fundraising drive that raised $32,000 for the purchase of a transport vehicle. Within months a gently used, 15-passenger Toyota van was purchased, and it’s currently being used by local staff to provide safe transportation for some of the children. It’s also become a roving billboard that creates awareness and makes BIZAA’s presence known throughout the communities. We are immensely grateful to Jason and all the ProSource contributors who’ve given generously to impact the education and safety of our sponsored children!

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