Steelton Hill Double Track

ProSource provided the following services for the construction of the 4.7 mile double track on Steelton Hill located in Duluth, MN. The double track essentially added a passing lane for the 20 to 25 freight trains that operate through the freight corridor each day.  

  • Acquired land, temporary workspace/access roads
  • Conducted inspections of the project areas, and examine maps and design drawings to determine the needed land parcels and other land issues.
  • Prepared Title Certificates by abstracting documents of record and examination to determine marketable title and the existence of other easements, etc.
  • Drafted the landowner base map used for environmental, geotechnical and land title work.
  • Management of survey work and the quality control review of drawings and legal descriptions from the surveys.
  • Drafted and distributed a project information letter to the involved owners and other interested parties and conducted ongoing problem solving meetings.
  • Preparation of purchase and conveyance documents, to obtain a right of entry and a fee or easement interest in the land.
  • Managed the work of appraisers in determining the market value of a land parcels.
  • Negotiated the purchase of easements and fee parcels and the settlement of construction damage claims and the closing of the purchase transactions.
  • Resolved damage claims of landowners resulting from preconstruction environmental inspection, geotechnical testing s and survey activities.
  • Issued payment checks to landowners on behalf of CN and coordinate the closing of real estate transactions.