Feasibility Studies

In today's fast-paced marketplace it is essential to gather and organize large amounts of data quickly in order to acquire or sell energy assets.  You need all the support you can get, whether you are responsible for creating a sell-side information room or performing due diligence within a very short time frame.

ProSource is available to help customers quickly and efficiently collect and organize the information needed to showcase an asset or get to the bottom line of an asset being divested.

ProSource’s proprietary ProjectIQ system makes this task easier for both sellers and buyers by providing all the data available within a specific geographic area. 

ProjectIQ provides our team and customers the tools required to quickly examine critical instruments such as leases, terms of leases, operating agreements,  production data, etc. 

By utilizing the information provided and/or gathered we are able to assimilate and translate complex data models to provide our customers with needed relevant information and analysis.