Title & Appraisal

ProSources' unique Principal Project Manager approach has helped us become one of the most respected land services companies in the country. No matter what stage of a project, our team of highly skilled landmen are extremely proficient in title research. Our team can handle any type of mineral title, from sovereignty to present in preparation for leasing or curative works to meet requirements.

Many companies are looking for land service providers who can help them save money while still providing high-quality title research and appraisal. ProSource can perform title work in any pricing structure, whether it is per parcel fixed pricing or traditional time and materials pricing.

By leveraging both online and local resources, we are able to quickly mobilize key stakeholders. Kick-off meetings are available for projects that meet specific project requirements and conform to state laws. We have the ability to seamlessly transfer landmen and title agents onto projects because of our in-house structure.

Services Include:

  • Title Document Management
  • Title File Review/Assimilation, and Data Entry
  • Project Management
  • Title Curative
  • Eminent Domain Title Support
  • Surface Title Research
  • Chain of title preparation
  • Production Research