HAZARDOUS LIQUIDS (crude oil, refined products, etc.)

WATER - SEWER INTERCEPTORS (sanitary waste, stormwater)

ProSource specializes in right of way projects for pipeline companies. Our services include route studies and site selection, survey permission, title services, survey management, appraisals, regulatory and environmental permitting, legal description and document preparation, damage settlements, right of way acquisitions, project management, condemnation support, construction support, budgeting, and data and records management.

ProSource evaluates key factors such as impacts to forests, croplands, soil erosion, wetlands, lakes, rivers and streams through our field survey work (wetland delineations, cultural resources, and threatened and endangered species). We coordinate permitting for river and wetland crossings, and sensitive road and railroad site locations on public and private property. Other important factors we evaluate include environmental considerations, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), state regulations and regional topography.

ProSource has considerable project experience acquiring the needed land rights and governmental approvals for thousands of miles of pipelines; and performs this work in a manner that meets the target dates and usually avoids the need for condemnation.

ProSource project managers have considerable experience in staff managerial positions with major refined product and natural gas transmission pipeline companies.

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